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Staff Augmentation Services

Optimizing and Launching Solutions at your Services

Telysoft provides outstanding Services all over the globe, using the strength of a developed process. We hire exceptional developers who work tirelessly to implement viable & impeccable web and mobile products

Our Staff Augmentation services provide a streamlined and proactive way to meet your workforce requirements.

What We Offer

We strive to assist your company in improving its productivity, decreasing expenses and expenditures, and boosting prospects

Tailored Services

Hiring Experts

An all-encompassing Resource with Professional Hands-on Experience as per Your Requirements

Customized Plans

Recruitment & Mentorship

Best-suited Recruitment Strategies, Business Solutions to Support & Connect with Employees

Logistics & Equipments

Inventive Collaborations

Accommodation, Latest Devices, Systems & workstation

How We Work

At Telysoft, we offer a wide range of services to help businesses hire the right talent to meet their specific requirements. We follow this process:

Customer Needs

We assess and comprehend our client's needs in order to create customized staffing plans that meet their goals

Recruitment Strategy

We supply the best aid in formulating suitable hiring strategies to find the expert for your organization

Talent Acquisition

We pick professionals from around the world with a diverse range of skills and experiences to cater your needs

Shortlisting & Interviews

We interview and deliver candidates in order to find an expert whose profile corresponds to the job specifications

Ongoing Support

We connect with the hired employees to ensure they meet the standards and counsel them during the work term


Get Yourself Answered

Telysoft find, shortlist, and interviews candidates before delivering them to the company, depending on the client, to verify the candidates meet the requirements. As a result, the candidate whose profile corresponds to the specifications and Job Description is interviewed, and the process is completed.

The candidates selected have professional hands-on expertise. The experience criteria are determined by what you are looking for in a candidate, and we do take your requirements and demands into account. The time period is determined by the requirements of the company during the labor task. Organizations require short-term or long-term hiring.

We supply logistics as well as all necessary equipment such as an office, computer, & workstation.

Telysoft offers experts to support each employee. We connect with firms to guarantee that they are well-advised during the work term and to counsel on any additional concerns that may arise. We must ensure that every employee we link with the company meets the standards and goes above and beyond in order to operate effectively and efficiently for every organization

Pension insurance, maternal benefit, insurance legal fees, and third-party insurance are examples of social benefits. All of these are covered by the Palestinian government’s occupational standard social benefit.

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At Telysoft we make sure that customer is served perfectly & needs are met in the best of manners. We are growing fast number and learning new technologies on day to day basis.

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