IT Staffing
IT Staffing

IT staffing is one of the services that we provide in Telysoft. We find the candidates with the specialized skills needed to fill technology roles on your team. With the computer and information technology industry constantly expanding and evolving, the staffing process is changing too.

IT is a broad field with a number of specialized areas and subgroups, including cybersecurity, software development, IT infrastructure, IT support, and data management. We understand that there are a lot of positions to be filled in this industry and they are becoming increasingly specialized as new technology comes on the market and old skills become obsolete. Here comes the duty of our company Telysoft of leading the hiring process for its client, we always keep in mind the need to understand the nuances of the industry and the technical skills a job candidate needs to succeed in order to match him/her with a company.

Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation
Recruitment Strategy

Telysoft interviews candidates before delivering them to the company, depending on the client, to verify the candidates meet the requirements. As a result, the candidate whose profile corresponds to the specifications and Job Description is interviewed, and the process is completed

Employee Experience

The candidates forwarded to you are professional hands-on employees with a wide range of expertise in the sector of interest. The experience criteria are determined by what you are looking for in a candidate, and we do take your requirements and demands into account.

Professional Mentorship

Telysoft offers experts to support each employee. We connect with firms to guarantee that they are well-advised during the work term and to counsel on any additional concerns that may arise. We must ensure that every employee we link with the company meets the standards and goes above and beyond in order to operate effectively and efficiently for every organization

TimePeriod & Retention

This is determined by the time required by the company during the labor task. Some organizations will require a short-term work, while others will request a long-term job.


We supply logistics as well as all necessary equipment such as an office, computer, & workstation

Social Benefits

Pension insurance, maternal benefit, insurance legal fees, and third-party insurance are examples of social benefits. All of these are covered by the Palestinian government's occupational standard social benefit.

Why Working With Telysoft
For IT Staffing
Why Working With Telysoft

The process will move faster than if your business handled recruiting and hiring on its own.

We have access to a wider pool of top talent. we already have a pool of job seekers to cull from, and as hiring experts, we understand how to reach others.

We help you connect with workers with highly specialized skills.

We free up more of your time. The less time you spend interviewing candidates and reviewing applications, the more time you can spend on managing your team and focusing on IT projects

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